Family Development and Samaritan Foundation (FDSF)

Family Development and Samaritan Foundation, FDSF, is a charitable (501C3 Tax exempt) organization focused on strengthening and developing triumphant families through our service of love regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. We are dedicated to empowering and fostering the lives of women and girls through quality education and mentorship. With continuous involvement in serving the community, FDSF has aided and impacted many families throughout the nations.

A ministry dedicated to the growth and establishment of Christ-centered families and helping both singles and married couples through empowerment by the word of God. FDSF nourishes and encourages heaven-based relationships to help build Christian marriages that will impact families and nations of the world, hence the vision, “Strong families, Strong nations”. This ministry organizes marriage enrichment programs, such as AGAPE Celebration, honeymoon retreats, family workshops, and coaching sessions. Through teachings of the truth surrounding what the bible says about marriage, communication barriers are overcome and trust is strengthened amongst married, separated, and even divorced couples.

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