Marriage & Families

Marriage & Families

Men of Integrity

A ministry comprised of married men. This ministry empowers Christian men to transform their lives for the better through hearing the truth of the gospel. These men are also encouraged to passionately pursue being the head and not the tail. A practical and pragmatic, down-to-earth, ministry that guides men in building and maintaining solid relationships with God in order to strengthen those with their spouses, families, within the church, and the community. This ministry desires to raise the next generation of disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fear of the Lord

A ministry centered on building Godly women who are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and even friends. This ministry is designed to empower and get women involved in becoming one with Jesus Christ. It is comprised of God-fearing married women that pour into younger women and help to develop them into leaders in the next generation. Spirit of excellence and good behavior is fostered. Women are strengthened to transform their families and ultimately help communities and nations by being led by the Holy Spirit.

Greater Works

A ministry that serves in excellence of the spirit and in raising responsible, effective, and respected young men as they go from Glory to Glory. In the process, these young men’s lives are changing with hope, comfort, and peace in order to influence generations by the power of prayer, fasting, and the word of the Almighty God.

Finished Works

It is a ministry that comprises of young single Christian women. This ministry gathers and encourages young women through God’s word to grow and develop into the state of a Holy and righteous woman that fears the Lord. As they engage in exciting Holy Ghost filled programs that will prove to be life changing and enlightening of God’s love, they fulfill the plans for their lives.

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