Elder G-
I want to give all glory to God for what He has done in the situation I was facing. The first one is about my home. I was facing foreclosure and the enemy wanted me to be put out, but glory be to God I found another place. Hallelujah!

During the same time this was happening, I was fighting for my health. Because of this, I couldn’t even fight much for my home. I went to the doctor and they asked me to go for a mammogram. About twelve years ago, I went to the doctor and they told me that they saw something. I told the doctor that I don’t have anything. The doctor wanted me to go for surgery, but I rejected. I remember what the doctor said clearly. He said in the future it would become cancer. I said that is not my portion. There was no issue, but after twelve years it came back and I went to the doctor. They referred me to a place to get a check up, and upon arriving I realized that those lots had been reserved for people with that certain illness. I refused to even park in the lot designated for cancer patients. I went and did the first test and they kept calling me to come back because they saw something. I refused to go back. They called so many times, but I told them not to call me anymore because I don’t have anything. They kept calling me to the point that they began to call my daughter to inform her of what had been going on. They called my home, my job, and my daughter repeatedly. To say the least, it was frightening. My daughter told me to just go for a second check. I scheduled another appointment to go, but before that, every time daddy declared a prophetic performance of the water turned wine, or of the Blood of Jesus, I would go anoint myself and decree that there is no cancer in my body. I went for the second check and the results came back as a congratulations. There was nothing to be found in my body. Praise the Lord Almighty!

Ms. B-
Our Father in the Lord, by the Holy Spirit, declared last week Tuesday’s service to be the cancellation of every appointment with death. I came for the service. On Wednesday, I felt a prick in my chest. Then I started confessing the Word of God and it left immediately. The same feeling came again overnight on Thursday into Friday morning. This time the pain was for a longer time, maybe about 3-4 minutes, then it left again. On Friday afternoon, the pressure came and did not go away. I called my sisters and they said I should call the ambulance right away! I myself knew what was happening, but I refused to believe it. I drove myself to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was informed that I was having a heart attack. I contacted my parents in the Lord, and mommy made a decree over me. I did not have any insurance when I went to the hospital, and when I was discharged from the hospital, they gave me prescriptions. Because I did not have insurance, I was meant to pay over $450 for the medications that were prescribed. I remembered that someone randomly gave me a card when I was in the hospital. When I presented the card, the man gave me the medication without any cost. Had I not attended that service on Tuesday, this story would be different. Praise God for divine healing and divine favor!

I was the best wife to my husband and after years of marriage, one day he just got up and packed his things and walked out. He had no reason or explanation as to why he was leaving. I spoke with my sister who lives in MD who told me to move out of that state and come start a new life here. One Sunday morning I said to myself I need to find a church to attend. I googled a church to attend. My niece, who attends GRA, asked me if I could drop her off at church in the morning. As I was about to drive off after dropping her, I said to myself why am I going to look for another church when there is one right here. So I went back to park, and I entered the church. When I came in, everything that daddy was saying pertained to me. When I met with daddy, what he said was “you’re going through marital problems, but don’t worry your marriage is going to be restored”. I held onto that word and I believed it. I went home and prayed earnestly over it. I had been praying to God for him to restore my marriage, but then I realized maybe I was focusing too much on things not related to God and His kingdom. So I began to focus more on God. When it seemed like nothing was happening, I randomly received a call from my husband that he was purchasing a ticket for me to come to meet with him because he needed to talk. My husband was in the army for 8 years, so he is not a humble person but this was the most humble state I have ever seen him in. He said to me “God answered your prayers”. The woman he left me for got him arrested and while he was in jail he accepted Christ. He told me that he wanted me to come back into his life because we have work to do together for God’s kingdom. I thank God because truly there is a God in GRA.

Sis V-
About three nights ago I left the house to go to work. I currently work a night shift at my job, so I made sure my son was asleep before I left the house and I left him with my aunt, who was also asleep. I did not know that I forgot to lock the door when I left the house. At around 3am my son woke up and started looking for me. He left the room, went downstairs and went outside of the house. He stood in the middle of the road crying. My aunt was still in the house sleeping and she had absolutely no idea that he was outside. One of our neighbors fiancée heard the crying of a baby and went to the window to see what was going on. She saw the child in the middle of the road and immediately went to her fiancé to call the police. When her fiancé (who is actually a friend to my husband) saw my son in the middle of the road, he immediately recognized him and ran to get him from the middle of the road. While all this was happening, I had no idea because I was not allowed to have my phone on me at work. I give all the praise and glory to God that my son is here and alive. The story could have been a different thing today, but the Lord be praised!

Bro V-
Over a year ago, I brought my best friend here while she was visiting from New York. It was a Saturday and we were waiting for fasting service to start so she decided to hurry here to quickly see me before she left back for New York. She only came to say hello to me but ended up opening up to me and said the doctors told her that her dad only had one year left to live. I begged her to stay for service to meet with our Father in the Lord and she initially refused. Minutes later, she said she felt an urge to just stay for service, so she stayed for the whole service. After service, she met with our Father in the Lord and he decreed that her father would not die. Today (more than a year after), God brought this to my remembrance and I immediately texted her and asked her how her dad was doing. Glory be to God, she said her dad is doing great and that she remembers the Word of the Lord that came forth! Hallelujah!

Deacon E-
I thank God for His mercies in my life. I thank God because my job has decided to pay off my student loans! I had given a testimony a few years back that my student loans were cancelled, but I thank God for His mercies in my life. I had given a testimony a few years back that my student loans were cancelled, but then I realized that the lender made a mistake on my account. The loan amounts were reinstated and I went to report it to my Father in the Lord. Daddy said that since I had already shared a testimony about it I have committed God’s integrity to it, and because of that God will make it to come to pass. I thank God for bringing this Word to pass in my life! Hallelujah!

Sis H.-
I thank God for the preservation of my job. When I first started my job I realized that my supervisor did not like me at all. I have absolutely no idea why but he just did not like me. I did everything correctly but it was to no avail. After the night of Divine Preservation, he called me into his office and I was so afraid because I did not know what he wanted from me. I asked him if he was going to fire me and he said no he is not, but to be honest with me he told the HR to fire me, but he could not follow through with it because he was afraid of what my God would do to him. He even told me to continue to change people, and that he needs help with his walk with God. He said he knew that God sent me there not just to work, but also to change lives. I thank God because I see the lives of all my coworkers changing, and as daddy decreed, people always ask me where I have been. My supervisor came to worship with us today with his entire family, and he even told me that when he gets back to work he will tell everyone that the God I serve is true. Hallelujah to the God of wonders!

Sis B-
When I first came to God’s Remnant Assembly, I had multiple growths in my head that I would have to go to the hospital for them to drain it out. One Sunday our Father in the Lord said he was going to pray for healing. On that particular Sunday I had bandages on my head. As daddy began to pray I began to feel something popping on my head. When I got home to change the bandages, my head was completely healed. Ever since the fasting period began, the medication I was supposed to take daily, I stopped taking it for four months. Lastly, I was waiting to see our Mother in the Lord for a prayer for healing but while she was praying for another sister in the Lord I received my own divine healing without her even laying hands on me. I thank God for divine and supernatural healing.

Sis. M-
A few weeks ago I had swollen lymph nodes. They were not painful, however I knew within me that something was wrong. I went to a health expo where I was examined by a nurse practitioner who informed me that the symptoms I was experiencing could either be for HIV, cancer, and that it may even be for both of those diseases. Overnight I had night sweats and my lymph nodes grew larger than they were before. I knew that there was a chance I had contracted HIV because of my past life, so in fear I went to my father in the Lord and told him of the situation. Daddy instructed me to buy the holy communion, which he prayed over and told me to take it three times before my doctor’s appointment. I went to visit the doctor for testing after my third dose of the Holy Communion and all the results came out negative. Praise God for His divine healing!

Bro A-
On Sunday July 9, after we prayed over the oil as a prophetic performance, my father in the Lord said that we should take the oil and apply it to anywhere we wanted to work, and to anything we needed to apply it to. The word of the Lord also came that on Wednesday by 7pm, someone would get a call of good news. After service, I went to the place where I was believing God to get a job, I applied the oil that was prayed over and I prayed. I had applied to work at this particular place for over two years, and I had received rejection letters from them before. About three weeks after I finally interviewed with that company, on Wednesday Jul. 12th, at about 3pm– according to the word of the Lord–I received a call from them. They told me that I was hired for the position that I applied for. This job will pay for my Master’s program, and it includes full benefits. Praise be to the Lord for confirming His word!

Before coming to GRA I had been suffering from mental illness that made me run mad. After God brought me to GRA, the madness left and I was restored to normal. I ended up becoming unserious and I wandered away and stopped coming to church. It was not much long after that the madness returned in full-force, to the point of me nearly committing suicide. I was hearing voices in my head that were telling me to kill myself. I was taken to a mental clinic where I was detained and being fed medicine daily. I was unable to eat and had no appetite. Some sisters in the Lord brought the mantle that daddy prayed over to my hospital room and placed it under my pillow. The following day I was completely restored back to normal. I ate three full meals that day, and not only that, I was able to play chess–a game that requires critical thinking skills–and I defeated all the nurses that played against me. Glory be to God for my miraculous healing!

Evang. F-
My wife had been sick for a while, and when we went to the hospital we found out that she had congestive heart failure. One day the doctors said they were going to do surgery on her, but prior to the surgery they changed their mind because they knew if they did it that she would die on the table. My parents in the Lord called me and decreed over me that I would not lose my wife. At this time, she had been asleep for two days, and she was not waking up. I wanted to pray but the Holy Spirit told me not to pray because the case was already settled. After she woke up, she told me that while I was reading the bible, on six different occasions her spirit wanted to leave her, but when it saw me it would enter her again. Today, for the first time in a long time, she was able to drive herself to church. Only the Living God has done this! Hallelujah!

Sis S-
During the 48 Hours of Praise program I danced with all my might and praised God with all my strength. The following day, while I was on my way to work early in the morning, I was involved in a three-car accident caused by a student who was rushing for his morning lecture. The accident was so terrible, but I was able to walk out of the accident unharmed. The boy who was rushing to class passed away on the scene of the accident. I am grateful to God that He cancelled every appointment scheduled with death, by virtue of my obedience to being at the 48 Hours of Praise.

I had a $1200 balance on my student account after my summer classes. Last week we were praying for divine help and our Father in the Lord decreed that on Wednesday by 7pm, someone would be divinely helped. I checked my student account on Tuesday night and the balance was completely gone. I don’t know where it went, because I know that I didn’t make any payment . I was even looking through all the past transactions on my account just because I knew that I didn’t make any payment. Glory to God for wiping out my debt!

Bro. J-
A couple of Sundays ago, our father in the Lord instructed us to bring mantles (handkerchiefs) to church. We were instructed to use the mantles for wherever we needed a breakthrough, and immediately I remembered a colleague of mine that has stage two cancer. I mailed the mantle to her, and within a few days I received a message from her stating that her last chemotherapy session—which was a day before she received the mantle—was her absolute last session. The mantle was placed under her sick bed and she received instant healing, confirmed by doctors and oncologists! She had not cried since the time of her diagnosis, but with her miraculous healing she could not resist shedding tears of joy. Praise to Jehovah Rapha!

Sis C-
About three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told that I only had about two months to live. I was invited to God’s Remnant Assembly by a friend of mine, and I told our Father in the Lord of the issue and what the doctors had said. My Father in the Lord immediately rejected that report and decreed that I shall live and not die. This is now three years after, and I am alive and well to testify of the faithfulness of God and the Word of His servant in my life. Aside from this, I have also been employed in three different jobs, one of which is a position with the Federal government. All the praise be to God!

Daddy A-
I thank God for everything that God has done in my life and family since the time we have been in GRA. Starting from my youngest daughter, she struggled with being able to come to the United States for over nine years. When I came to God’s Remnant Assembly, God finally broke through for my family and my daughter was granted a visa. Not long ago, she was caught sleeping on the job and it nearly led to her termination. She went to report the issue to our father in the Lord. Daddy laid hands on her and made a decree and that week, she was restored her job. Hallelujah!

Sis D-
I had a client with a kidney problem. So I took the Blood of Jesus (grape juice which Daddy prayed over) to give to my client. I told my client to drink it and believe that it is the blood of Jesus. When we went for his next check up, the doctors said that the kidney was doing well, and he is whole. There is healing power in the Blood of Jesus!

Bro Y-
I am an accountant and last week I was at work doing a bank reconciliation for my job when I realized that there was a quarter of a million dollars missing. I started panicking because I know what the implications of this could be. It took about two days for me to reconcile the account, but during that time I told God that because I am His servant, and a faithful servant to my Father in the Lord, there is no way that I will not figure it out. Glory be to God, I was able to balance all accounts. Hallelujah!

Sis E-
I had a $100,000 loan debt. Initially I was trying to pay it off, and I paid at least $6,000 off, but then I stopped paying it. Anytime we would have a prophetic mystery, I always brought that debt before God, knowing that one day it will surely be paid off. I recently checked the balance it said that the remaining $94,000 was paid off. Only God could have done this! Hallelujah!

Bro. I-
I thank God for our father in the Lord and for everything God has been using him for in my life personally. We have been talking about debt forgiveness and how the Lord will wipe out someone’s debt, so I brought a bill here that I received from the Baltimore water department. The bill was written in my name, but it was not a bill that I incurred. It had been there for over a year, and it was for about $4,000. One day my mother called me and asked if I had paid the bill. I told her I did not. Long story short, the bill was reduced to $56. This goes to show that God is alive. Hallelujah!

Sis A-
I had a bill of $7,924 on my student account at Howard University. I brought the statement to my father in the Lord who gave me a specific instruction. When I checked again, the balance was only $900. Thank God for miraculous debt cancellation.

Sis C-
I owed a little over $10,000 at my school, which hindered my ability to register for classes and continue this semester. I told my Father in the Lord, and he assigned someone to write a letter for me to give to the president and the provost of my university. After submitting the letter, I was offered $6,000 in financial aid and my mother miraculously agreed to pay the remaining $4,000 balance. Hallelujah!

Deaconess O.-
One day daddy said someone is going to receive a check from an insurance company and I shouted an incredibly loud “AMEN” to it. I was meant to receive a check from the insurance company from my job because of an injury I sustained at work last year. All glory to God, I received a check of over $19,000. Hallelujah!

Sis D-
I thank God for divine favor. I was recently employed at Johns Hopkins University for a position that I did not qualify for. I have not yet graduated, but I’m working a position that graduate students do. I didn’t even apply for the job, but I was divinely recommended by the program coordinator of the position. Glory be to God!

Bro S-
My Sister was having kidney pains so she drank some anointing oil and she used the bathroom. A green snake came with her feces. She picks it up by a fork to verify and took a picture. The kidney pain was gone to the glory of God.

Sis M-
I brought a letter sent to me from the IRS to a breakthrough service a few Sundays ago. We prayed over all the letters, and stepped on them, decreeing them paid by Jesus. Within a month, I received another letter from the IRS saying that my debt of $54,000 was erased. Glory to God!