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GRA Departments

  1. Ark of God in my House: House-fellowship
  2. Beautiful Feet: Mass evangelism by witnessing to the surrounding areas
  3. Follow-Up: Maintains, records, retains all contact information of members (new, current); Communicate with souls to check on their well-being;
  4. Outreach: Endeavors to create and build strong relationships with our community through volunteering with local no-profits, nursing homes, shelters, schools and beyond.
  5. Davidic Praise: Holy ghost filled females who minister to the Lord through various styles of dance acceptable unto the Lord
  6. Chariot of Fire: Holy ghost filed men who minister to the Lord through various styles of dance acceptable unto the Lord
  7. Shiphrah & Puah (Nursing Initiatives): gathering all nurses that will effectively establish God’s Kingdom in their work environment. Also reaching out to nurses and nursing students that will use their profession to serve in the kingdom of God and provide healthcare to the underserved in the nations.
  8. GRA Health Initiatives: Provide access to good quality medicines that are essential to survival for the less privileged and organize international broad holistic health care missions. by educating, engaging and empowering.
  9. Joshua Generation: Youth ministry whose primary focus is to raise a new generation of leaders from ages 12-17yrs by the Word of God
  10. 100% Triumph: is a student organization that exists to witness to the communities of non-believing students and those who follow Jesus Christ to grow in the love and power of God by an applicable working revelation knowledge of God’s word through the help of the Holy Spirit, and to proclaim Jesus Christ not only as SAVIOR but also as LORD AND KING.
  11. Bright and Morning Stars: Ministry that serves children from ages 3 months to 12 years. This ministry provides nursery and classrooms for older children. It is comprised of individuals with the mindset to develop the next generation of leaders. They provide our children with true experiences of God through the delivery of sound kingdom-based teachings in a fun-filled environment.
  12. Pillars of Destiny: Ensure the cleanliness, decency, and order of the house of God at all times
  13. GRA Media & Mass Communications: GRA Media and Mass Communication are responsible for the dispensation of the Word of God in GRA to all possible and relevant media platforms such as TV, Radio, and most importantly Social Media. In relations to Mass Communications, GRA Media is responsible for the social outlook of God’s Remnant Assembly and engages and periodic refreshing/rebranding/remarketing of the church to our online accounts via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (through pictures and videos).
  14. Company of Greatness: transcription of the Word of God through our Father in the Lord
  15. GRA Tech: Ensure the proper operations of all technical devices and equipment
  16. Exodus: Ministering to the Lord skillfully through performing arts
  17. Gods Throned Voices: Ministering to the Lord skillfully through song
  18. Asaphites: Ministering to the Lord through instruments
  19. True Vine Branch: organize quarterly meetings for Daddy to meet them to teach new converts; gather new soul to teach them; water baptism will be organized
  20. G42 Global Reformers: is building a globally connected, digital, rugged and radical generation whose passion is to seek God’s face in prayer, supplication, intercession and giving of thanks to our God for America and all the nations of the earth
  21. Francophone Revival: witnessing to the francophone community by the Word of God through various programs
  22. GRA Mission Squad Global- Bridge connects the poorest of the nations of the earth to the wealthy and privileged of our work in an effort to alleviate hunger, homelessness, disease, and overall poverty.
  23. GRA Mission Squad Admin: manages the operations of GRA Mission Squad
  24. GRA Administration: manages the business operations of the church as well as day-to-day operations
  25. Gospel on Wheels provides transportation to/and from our weekly meetings and all GRA programs
  26. Ushers: Conducts the movement of those entering the sanctuary by seating guests and directing all traffic in the sanctuary
  27. Security: While solely trusting in God to protect us, security employs the wisdom from above to ensure that all movements and activities are under close supervision to maintain the well-being of the people
  28. Protocol: assists the ministers before, during and after the course of the service, meeting or event while ensuring all rules, regulations, and jurisdictions are being adhered to
  29. Men of Integrity: A ministry comprised of married men. This ministry empowers Christian men to transform their lives for the better through hearing the truth which is the gospel. These men are also encouraged to passionately pursue being the head and not the tail. A practical and pragmatic, down-to-earth, ministry that guides men in the building and maintaining solid relationships with God in order to strengthen those with their spouses, families, within the church, and the community. This ministry desires to raise the next generation of disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  30. Fear of the Lord: A ministry centered on building Godly women who are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and even friends. This ministry is designed to empower and get women involved in becoming one with Jesus Christ. It is comprised of God-fearing married women that pour into younger women and help to develop them into leaders in the next generation. The Spirit of excellence and good behavior is fostered. Women are strengthened to transform their families and ultimately help communities and nations by being led by the Holy Spirit.
  31. Greater Works: A ministry that serves in the excellence of the spirit and in raising responsible, effective, and respected young men as they go from Glory to Glory. In the process, these young men’s lives are changing with hope, comfort, and peace in order to influence generations by the power of prayer, fasting, and the word of the Almighty God.
  32. Finished Works: A ministry that comprises of young single Christian women gather to be encouraged by the Word God to grow into a Holy and righteous woman that fears the Lord. As they engage in exciting Holy Ghost filled programs that will prove to be life-changing and enlightening, they will be to walk in the plan and purpose that God has for their life.
  33. Nehemiah’s Builders: Beautifies the house of God by implementing interior and exterior decoration and/or renovations
  34. Hospitality: provides optimum guest services for all guests and members