Sin and sinners are destroyers. Sin is the transgression of the law, sin is lawlessness. When God says you should not do something and you do it, it is a sign of lawlessness. Breaking God’s law means breaking oneself. It’s like the stone falling on you instead of you falling on the stone. Sin is a sickness that contaminates the whole body. It is missing the mark of perfection. Whenever the enemy wants to get at a person, he manipulates him or her to commit sin knowing that in that state, he or she can neither approach God not would God answer the person (Isa. 59: 1-3). The Lord says in the last days, iniquity shall abound.

Sin is a binding rope; it holds man in its power. It is a slave-driver; it embitters the life of the slave. It is a disturber of rest; it causes disorder and anxiety. It’s a robber of blessings. It starves the soul. It stabs from the back and overthrows the sinner. During the overthrow many things will be destroyed. To worsen the case sin is a keeper of records and it recalls the records. It leaves its mark upon the sinner, it trails the sinner and find him or her out, no matter how fast the person runs or how cleverly he or she hides. “But if ye will not do so, behold ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out” Numbers 32: 23

Sin is an accusing witness and there is no clever sinner. In fact, engaging in any act of sinful act is foolishness. What a sinner is doing now could affect his or her children later. Sin has a way of linking itself to other sins and it expands and gets to the biggest one that eventually leads to death. Samson’s eyes cannot stop beholding strange women and the enemy got rid of that same eyes. Delilah signaled his obituary. He finally died with his enemies and it all started with “just a little sin” and there is no small sin, all sinners are destroyers. Sinners in the Church (not those who come to Church to be saved) hinder the power of God just like Achan. Angels of God that visits some congregation could not minister to some people because there is so much sin in the camp. Sinners at times makes God look powerless.

Friends, if you are continuously living in any known sin, you will do yourself, spouse, children, family, Church, and the whole world a lot of good by repenting now. Do not be like Achan that brought destruction upon his family. The issue of sin is so serious that God had to send His Son to die for the world, in order to reconcile the world unto Himself. Anything you are doing, of which you will be ashamed if people see or hear of is not worth doing. That thing you cannot announce in public because it is not edifying will put you and others in trouble. Depart from it now. You can do it by the power of the Holy Spirit for it is written: “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” Romans 5:19

But if we confess and forsake our sin, Jesus is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness but he who covers his sin shall not prosper. Through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ our sins are washed and blotted out. The blood of Jesus is so unique because He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and not man. His blood was not contaminated; God himself prepared the body of Jesus who is the word of God, so His blood is of God. Since blood carries life, the blood of Jesus carries the eternal life of God. The blood of Jesus means defeat for the devil and paves the way for us to heaven. Today, by the power of the blood your sins are forgiven, husbands, wives, children, leaders, masters, servants, teachers, governments, nations; GO and sin no more lest a worse thing come unto thee. (John 5:14)

“For sin (the root of death, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, disgrace, dishonor, harassment, fear, shame, failure, oppression, barrenness, divorce…) shall not have dominion over you…” Romans 6:14


She has never seen her menstruation not had a child and was in her late 30s. She read the message, used the blood of the lamb to enter the throne room of God to obtain mercy and help. She printed out the message, placed it in on her bed in faith, (please note that this was her own works of faith as led by the Holy Spirit) and that night she had her menstrual flow.


Pastor ‘Tayo came to minister in our Church and I spoke to him after the service that I’ve been trying to pass my step 1 to 3 medical exam but to no avail. He gave me some scriptures to read and meditate upon and instructed me to change my strategies. He also told me to manifest more of the fruit of the spirit. To my utmost amazement, I passed the 3 exams within one single year and now I am in my residency program.


A woman visited from London. She was so concerned that all 4 of our daughters were unmarried. The eldest, a Medical Doctor, was 45 years old and the youngest, a lawyer was 36 years old. Men would promise to marry them and soon dump them after using and wasting them. The word of the Lord came during the fasting and praying program that someone who had married from a royal family in Africa was given a waist band as a customary gift but that was an evil bond between her children and the kingdom of darkness. This woman thanked God for the word, handed over the band for destruction and the beginning of her miracle was that two of her daughters got married the same day, the following year.

Dr. ‘Tayo Emmanuel